The global network for social health protection and health financing

P4H at the centre stage

We offer insight. We are hands-on doers. We bring capabilities.

Across sectors (health, social and public finance)

P4H is a global network dedicated to health financing and social health protection for universal health coverage through insight and knowledge brokerage, collaborative technical expertise; and policy dialogue.

P4H is committed to promoting health systems strengthening, equitable access to quality services and financial risk protection. The P4H network supports the health related SDG and the UHC target specifically.

P4H works as :

  • A unique congruent expanse between health, social protection and public finance, stemming from the proactive dynamics of the Network;
  • A hub for knowledge and insight garnered at global level (among member organizations) as much as at local level (thanks to an unparalleled network of focal points) which partners would have difficulties garnering without relying on the P4H Knowledge exchange impulse;
  • The mainspring for a tangible change in the country cooperation and co-ordination methods in the area of health financing, leading to more catalytic connections between stakeholders.

We convene. We bring leading edge expertise in health systems transformation and help our ecosystem evolve towards effective UHC 

P4H. A cross-sector catalyst. A knowledge broker. A change agent

A cross-sector catalyst

  • A natural born catalyst. P4H has originally been set-up to marry the perspectives, objectives and idiosyncrasies of the health, social protection and public finance sectors. This is to synergize the work being undertaken by national policy-makers and their international partners on universal health coverage, a topic which P4H intensively worked on years before it found recognition through the Sustainable Development Goals.
  • P4H brings leading edge expertise. Thanks to the Network member organizations’ expertise in health systems strengthening, social protection, public finance and many more, P4H offers unrivalled exposure to the main players’ tools, policies, and experienced teams. Countries’ policies are then bolstered by P4H support and empowered to progress towards UHC.
  • Health financing is more than resource mobilization. P4H continuously strives for innovative collaborative space in technical areas relevant to health financing and health systems stewardship: health financing and resilience, health financing and common goods, strategic purchasing, accelerated resource tracking, to name a few.


A knowledge broker

  • An invaluable insight provider. Delving into a wealth of insight based on unique access to global policy agenda shaping arenas as well as granular information at country level, P4H is cognisant of health financing for universal health coverage related experiences, good practices, and achievements the world over.
  • An inspiring trendspotter. But Trendspotting’s only part of the picture: P4H is effective at sensing future trends, predicting growing needs and tendencies to inform policy and decision makers, thus enabling them to make informed choices. Predictive modelling, economic analysis, health financing tools designing is enshrined in its DNA.
  • Ensuring people value collaborative work, P4H flags innovative tools, methods of work, collaborative ventures. To help grow and develop its ecosystem.


A change agent

  • P4H’s value proposition relies on catalytic endeavours: harnessing competences across the spectrum of health and social protection, spanning health financing and health economics
  • Leadership skills soaring. This is the job of P4H to contribute to the growth of sustainable political capacities to herald for UHC and make it a reality.
  • An active Network and a facilitator of pathways across other areas of health, thanks to our proximity with sister Networks part of the UHC2030 movement