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The global network for Health Financing and Social Health Protection

Why P4H?

In 2015, the international community decided to put Universal Health Coverage (UHC) in the center of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with the adoption of the 3.8 target. Efficient, equitable and sustainable health financing is essential to reach it.

Since its inception in 2007, the P4H network promotes active exchanges and collaborations between the various health financing stakeholders at national and global level to progress towards the SDG targets.

The multisectoral collaboration (health, finance, social protection etc.) is particularly sought-after and is an essential characteristic of the P4H network since its creation.


Who are we?

The P4H network is the only global institutional network specialized in health financing.

It is currently comprised of 18 members: WHO, World Bank, ILO, Global Fund, Global Financing Facility, African Development Bank, Asian Development Bank, The Council of Europe Development Bank, France, Germany, Kazakhstan, Morocco, the Russian Federation, Spain, Switzerland, USAID and School of Public Health of Seoul and Fudan-Shanghai.

Between 2007 and 2020, multiple collaborations have been established by the P4H network in 86 countries to improve health financing.

The global network dedicated to health financing

Cross-sector catalyst, knowledge broker and change agent

What do we do?

We connect institutions involved in health financing.

We offer them a space for dialogue and we build bridges.

We broker insight into the countries processes and share up to date knowledge.

We trigger operational collaborations to improve the efficiency of health spending and promote financial risk protection for health to those who need it the most.  

We design and unfold unique products and services for the health financing expert´s community.

Welcome to your digital platform

The P4H digital platform is designed to enable health financing experts to connect, collaborate and get informed. The platform is your hub and your dashboard.

It provides regular updates on the evolution of the 192 countries of the world: you simply have to click on the “follow” button of each country / page which interests you! And if you wish to contribute yourself, anyone registered on the platform can post information or documents!

You will also find contacts of experts all over the world, many sources of knowledge, documentation on every webinar organized by P4H, a “blog” section and even an internal chat!

It is thanks to the P4H platform´s registered experts and their contributions that the content is growing and that countries progress!

The digital platform is at your service.

Your play an essential role in the global collaboration.

Don´t hesitate to send us your reactions / comments: contact@p4h.world