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Colombia - P4H Network
Current Health Expenditure (CHE) as % Gross Domestic Product (GDP)9%CHE/GDP
Out-of-pocket (OOPS) spending as % of Current Health Expenditure (CHE)13.7%OOP/CHE
Domestic General Government Health Expenditure (GGHE-D) as % General Government Expenditure (GGE)19%GGHE-D/GGE
Gross Domestic Product (GDP), in constant (2020) US$ per capita319BGDP (USD)
Population in thousands (K), millions (M) or billions (B)51.5MPopulation
Incidence of Catastrophic Health Spending at 10% Threshold (SDG 3.8.2) Total8.2%Catastrophic Health Spending
The health system in Colombia is structured to guarantee universal access through a contributory regime (through individual contributions) and a subsidized regime (through state subsidies). It is financed with contributions from affiliates to the contributory regime, general taxes, territorial income, the fiscal effort of territorial entities and the conversion of parafiscal resources into taxes according to Law 1819 of 2016.
Public expenditure for health accounted for 6.53% of gross domestic product in 2020 and 19.47% of total government expenditure on health in 2020.[1] Out-of-pocket spending on health was 13.6% of current health expenditure for 2020 and catastrophic health expenditure was estimated in 2016 at 8.2% of total household spending.[2]


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