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Cuba - P4H Network
Current Health Expenditure (CHE) as % Gross Domestic Product (GDP)13.8%CHE/GDP
Out-of-pocket (OOPS) as % of Current Health Expenditure (CHE)8.4%OOP/CHE
Domestic General Government Health Expenditure (GGHE-D) as % General Government Expenditure (GGE)21.5%GGHE-D/GGE
Gross Domestic Product (GDP), in constant (2020) US$ per capita9.5KGDP (USD)
Population (in thousands)11.3MPopulation

Cuba’s Ministry of Public Health is responsible for proposing, directing and monitoring the implementation of state and federal policy on public health. Since the family medicine program was implemented in 1984, universal access to health is deemed to have been achieved, even in remote areas. 

The coverage rate of essential services for 2019 was estimated at 80%. Public spending on health in 2019 represented 9.9% of GDP, above the 6% the Pan American Health Organization recommends, and 15.5% of total public spending. Out-of-pocket spending on health was equal to 9% of total health spending by 2020.