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Fiji - P4H Network
Current Health Expenditure (CHE) as % Gross Domestic Product (GDP)5.4%CHE/GDP
Out-of-pocket (OOPS) as % of Current Health Expenditure (CHE)17.9%OOP/CHE
Domestic General Government Health Expenditure (GGHE-D) as % General Government Expenditure (GGE)9.4%GGHE-D/GGE
Gross Domestic Product (GDP), in constant (2020) US$ per capita4.3KGDP (USD)
Population (in thousands)924.6KPopulation
Incidence of Catastrophic Health Spending at 10% Threshold (SDG 3.8.2) Total0.8%Catastrophic Health Spending

Fiji provides social health protection to its population through tax-funded services. Domestic general government expenditure is estimated at 4% of GDP and 7.2% as a share of general government expenditures in 2020. These data indicate the government’s policy of prioritizing health relative to the general budget expenditures in Fiji.

The government provides a degree of financial protection to the population by keeping out-of-pocket (OOP) spending at a low level. In 2020, OOP spending was reported to be 14% of current health expenditure (CHE) in Fiji.