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Universal health coverage in China part 1: progress and gaps

This article is the first part of the series. This research article comprehensively evaluated China's progress towards universal health coverage over the past two decades by identifying the achievements and gaps in service coverage and financial risk protection that...

Donor coordination to support universal health coverage in Malawi
Donor coordination to support universal health coverage in Malawi

Malawi's Ministry of Health tackles health financing and donor coordination challenges with innovative strategies, yet faces hurdles from power dynamics and donor-government priority misalignment.A recent scholarly publication underscores the complexities arising from...

COVID-19 purchasing adjustments: Insights from 8 middle-income countries
Armenia, Cameroon, Kenya, Nigeria, Philippines, Ukraine, Romania, Ghana

Journal of Health Policy and Planning (Oxford University Press) article examines COVID-19's impact on health purchasing in eight middle-income countries, revealing adjustments in benefit packages and payment methods amid financing challenges and concerns about...

Financing the future of global health

An article by PATH on the need and ways for more and better investment in primary health care to achieve universal health coverage. Primary health care (PHC) has been proven to be the most cost-effective way to improve population health outcomes. Investing in PHC is...