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This is the template to be used for 2021-2022 reporting of P4H-CFP on output. It includes mentions of social health protection

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This is a proposed additional framework for P4H-CFP to report on SHP reforms in addition to the HFPM. Ideally the two tools should be merged in the future.

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This is the file to be used in reporting year 2021-2022 for P4H-CFP as regard quantitative indicators. Few have been removed from last year's template

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No change from last year, this template based on the HFPM is to be used for P4H-CFP to report on outcome progresses

Manual for the Social Protection Monitoring and Evaluation Mechanism (EN)

"The mechanism will build up a system for data collection for analytical purposes and program monitoring which focuses on capturing the key indicators such as coverage expansion, efficiency and quality of services, access to benefits, investments, investments–result...

Health Systems in Transition: Uzbekistan

Health System Review (HiT series) from WHO available for Uzbekistan: "Uzbekistan is a central Asian country that became independent in 1991 with the break-up of the Soviet Union. Since then, it has embarked on several major health reforms covering health care...

Joint decree and procedures manual on free health care Burkina Faso
Burkina Faso

Message from the ST CSU in charge of the dossier at the Burkina Faso Ministry of Health: It's an honor and a pleasure for me to share this important document with you, to strengthen the legal basis for the implementation of the free healthcare policy. Article 6 of the...

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The goal of this document is to collect and show the maintenance tasks which must be taken care of regularly by the Country Focal Points.

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This document provides an instruction to the strategic planning process and strategic approach to P4H’s focus and investments, along cost and time thresholds and high visibility and reputational risk initiatives, assessed through dimensions and criteria that are...