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Kenya Universal Health Coverage Policy 2020-2030

The Kenya Constitution and Vision 2030 mandate the provision of high-quality healthcare for all citizens. To align with this, the Ministry of Health developed the Universal Health Coverage (UHC) policy for 2020-2030, aimed at significantly improving health outcomes in...

Kenya Health Policy 2014-2030

The Kenya National Health Policy aims to improve the nation's health status in alignment with the Constitution of Kenya 2010, Vision 2030, and global commitments. It underscores the government's commitment to achieving high health standards, responsive to population...

Gambia National Health Policy 2021-2030

The National Health Policy of The Gambia aligns with the country's development goals outlined in the National Development Plan. It aims to improve living standards by transforming the nation into a dynamic middle-income economy. This policy focuses on achieving...

The value of partnerships for Advancing Universal Health Coverage

Over half the global population lacks essential health coverage, leading to financial hardships for 2 billion people. Advance UHC, spearheaded by Australia and the World Bank, aims to tackle this issue by building robust health systems, prioritising primary care, and...

Tackling the crisis of the Italian National Health Fund

Italy's National Health Fund at <6.5% GDP risks universal care. Regional spending gaps and professional shortages underscore concerns; proposed solutions aim to counteract these challenges.  The planned National Health Fund (NHF) in Italy for 2024–25,...

Self-employment as a socio-economic problem in Kazakhstan

The analysis showed that in the structure of the group of self-employed in Kazakhstan by type of activity, the agricultural sector dominates - 33.3%. Most of the self-employed are also concentrated in distribution services (trade 32.1%, transport and warehousing...

Senegal: Health accounts report 2014-2016
Senegal: Health accounts report 2014-2016

L'élaboration périodique des comptes de santé permet de renseigner les indicateurs pour le suivi et l'atteinte de plans et stratégies nationaux et internationaux. Les comptes de santé sont de ce fait, un outil précieux d'aide à la décision et à la formulation des...