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Challenges Faced by the Iraqi Health Sector in Responding to COVID-19

Iraq’s health system has struggled to deal with the COVID-19 emergency since the first case appeared in the country in late February 2020. This report explores the inadequate financing to the health sector as well as a COVID 19 response plan among other challenges in...

Republic of the Gambia 2012-2020 national health policy-Health is wealth

The government of Gambia envisioned providing quality and affordable health services for all by 2020. This national health policy provided a clear direction to all relevant stakeholders in the health sector for implementation of interventions in the sector to improve...

Reforming the public service medical aid scheme (PSEMAS) in Namibia

The Government of Namibia provides a significant proportion of funding to subsidize the PSEMAS for public servants. As part of efforts to ensure value for money, the Government is pursuing reforms to the scheme. A technical committee was set up early in 2021 to...

Policy brief: The National Health Accounts in Bhutan (2018-2020)

National Health Accounts (NHA) provide the information about the flow of resources and funds of the country’s health system. NHA illustrates national health spending of the country from public and private sector, including household spending. Thus, NHA is useful for...

2. Turkish Health Transformation Program and beyond

This policy brief lays out Turkey’s significantly improved supply of health services under its Health Transformation Program (HTP) between 2003 and 2013. Improved health outcomes, increased health utilization and changes in health financing trends reflect the rise in...