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Feasibility of social health insurance in Zambia

Amid uncertainties in development assistance for health programs in Sub-Saharan Africa, social health insurance gains attention as a potential financing mechanism. A study in Zambia investigates its viability. While public support is high, with 80% willing to join,...

Economic update: Resilience in uncertain times in Niger

After a slowdown in growth linked to COVID-19 in 2020, Niger's economic recovery was hit by a series of climatic and security shocks in 2021 that deteriorated many economic and social indicators.Unlike most countries in the region, Niger showed a certain resilience in...

Financial barriers to primary health care in Aotearoa New Zealand
New Zealand

Co-payment is required for visits to general practitioners and for collecting prescriptions. This study aims to investigate the impact of user co-payments on access to health care, with a focus on inequities for indigenous Māori populations in New Zealand. Findings...