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Background document for the Steering Group Meetings on 27 / 29 September and 1 October 2021.

Analysis of Botswana’s health financing structure

Health financing remains one of the top issues among policymakers and continues to lead in public discourse as countries implement health systems reforms to achieve equity in health and universal health coverage. In this peer reviewed article, the authors analyse the...

The Sierra Leone free health care initiative: process and effectiveness review
Sierra Leone

The introduction of the free health care initiative in 2010, which removed user fees for pregnant women, lactating mothers and children under five was supported by earlier evidence that showed health-related financial costs were a major barrier to mothers and children...

Health System Assessment in Côte d’Ivoire
Côte d’Ivoire

Abstract: Following years of political instability, Côte d’Ivoire has recorded a rapid growth rate over the past seven years and entrenched its status as a lower-middle-income country. However, the country’s epidemiological profile remains comparable to that of...

UNICEF Budget Brief Zanzibar 2018
Tanzania, United Republic of

"In FY 2017/18, the health sector has been allocated TSh84.2 billion. This is a TSh33.2 billion increase on the previous year, equivalent to 65 per cent increase or 62 per cent increase accounting for inflation. Government spending on health as a percentage of the...

UNICEF Budget Brief: The 2017 Health Sector Budget

"In January 2016, the Government of Burundi enacted its National Health Strategy 2016-2025, reinforcing its commitments to improve health indicators and to work towards the common goals outlined in the Sustainable Development Agenda. As part of the strategy, the...