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The Fifth Health Sector Strategic Plan (HSSP V)
Tanzania, United Republic of

Tanzania's early achievement of lower middle-income status reflects robust economic growth and human development, driven by focused health sector investment. The Fifth Health Sector Strategic Plan aims to enhance healthcare access, combat diseases, and ensure...

Cambodia’s Pentagonal Strategy – Phase I

This document outlines Cambodia's pentagonal strategy-Phase I, focusing on growth, employment, equity, efficiency, and sustainability. The pentagonal strategy is a long-term socioeconomic plan aligned with Cambodia Vision 2050, to be implemented over the next 25...

National Health Financing Strategy-2023

Following the elaboration of the new PDSS 2022-2026, the Ministry in charge of public health decided to revise the National Health Financing Strategy so that it accompanies the new political and strategic choices with a view to achieving universal health coverage by...

Health Financing Strategy, 2017-2027: Towards UHC for Zambia

The Health Financing Strategy (HFS) 2017-2027 for Zambia aims to enhance the country's health financing framework in line with national health goals. Developed through a participatory process led by the Ministry of Health and the Health Financing Technical Working...

Afghanistan Health Financing Strategy 2019-2023

The Health Financing Strategy 2019-2023 serves to guide the Afghanistan health sector to strategically address major financing gaps to become more responsive to the health needs of the population.The Afghanistan Health Financing Strategy (AHFS) 2019-2023 was designed...

Malawi National Health Policy: Towards Universal Health Coverage

The Malawi National Health Policy is aligned with Sustainable Development Goals and aims to tackle challenges like inadequate healthcare provision, weak governance, and limited resources. The policy serves as a crucial governance document to align stakeholders toward...

Malawi National Health Financing Strategy 2023-2030

Malawi is committed to attaining Universal Health Coverage (UHC), aiming to improve access to healthcare services without imposing excessive financial burdens on its citizens. Aligned with international commitments such as the Sustainable Development Goals, Malawi has...

Ethiopia Health Financing Strategy 2022-2031

The document outlines Ethiopia's Health Care Financing Strategy (HCF) spanning 2022-2031, building on past successes and challenges to advance towards Universal Health Coverage (UHC) via Primary Health Care (PHC). It aims to ensure equitable access to essential health...

Benin National Development Plan 2018-2025

Based on the Benin 2025 Alafia vision, the 2018-2025 National Development Plan incorporates new economic and social development challenges at national, African and international levels. The NDP 2018-2025 is structured around the following major themes: i) human...

Ecuador: Institutional Strategic Plan 2021 – 2025

This plan includes a first chapter with a diagnosis and analysis of the Institution to determine its initial situation. The second chapter presents the guiding elements and sets out the vision, mission, axes and strategic objectives. The third chapter concludes with...