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2018 Kenya UHC Training Manual - P4H Network

2018 Kenya UHC Training Manual

“This manual is designed for stakeholders who will be involved in implementing UHC. It is intended to stimulate active learning through discussions, group exercises, and experience sharing e.t.c.
The main objectives of UHC are:

To increase population covered by defined essential health package

To increase the population having access to a defined essential health service package

To increase availability of quality people centered essential interventions/services so that Kenyans access and receive quality health services.

Strengthen Leadership, Governance and Management through establishments of Legal and Institutional framework for successful coordination of the implementation of UHC for Kenya by 2022.

To ensure adequate Human Resource for Health (HRH) workforce that is equitably distributed, competent, appropriately equipped and well-motivated to deliver quality health services to all

UHC is a top priority in the Kenya Health Sector Strategic and Investment Plan (KHSS&IP) 2018-2023. A UHC roadmap has been developed to outline the implementation process, together with an M&E framework which will be used to monitor its implementation.”