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Analysis of care packages in CAR-2020 - P4H Network

Analysis of care packages in CAR-2020

The aim of this document is to analyze the care packages within the health district proposed in both national guidelines and current international trends, in order to propose interventions appropriate to the current situation in CAR, which will be the subject of the analysis of care costs later on.

This document represents an analysis of existing care and service packages at district level, in particular for mother & child care and the treatment of non-communicable diseases (NCDs). This analysis reveals a set of valid intervention packages that nevertheless need to be linked to three (03) considerations that strengthen the healthcare system: i) inserting these packages into the SSP approach, ii) the prospect of universal health coverage (UHC), iii) integration of the international trend towards the Life Cycle Approach and the continuum of care for the mother/child couple.

It is in this context that, following our analysis, we propose packages of health care and services for the mother/child couple on the one hand, and on the other, the organization of the management of non-communicable diseases according to the WHO PEN model. The hope is that these two (02) packages will be examined and validated by the hierarchies concerned, insofar as they fit in well with the priorities of the MSP 2020 Action Plan and the WHO 2020-2022 biennial support action plan.