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Belgium: health system summary 2024 - P4H Network

Belgium: health system summary 2024

The European Observatory has published Belgium’s health systems summary based on the 2020 Belgium Health System Review with significant updates on data, policy and reforms.

Belgium’s healthcare system is of high quality, yet challenges persist in antibiotic and psychotropic use and addressing socioeconomic inequalities. While most of the population is covered by compulsory health insurance, disparities in access remain. Improvement is needed in preventive care, requiring sustained attention to health promotion and socioeconomic equity. The impact of COVID-19 on the healthcare workforce underscores the importance of prioritizing their well-being. Additionally, environmental sustainability will be a growing focus in Belgium’s healthcare agenda. Adopting a holistic approach beyond the health system alone is vital for addressing these challenges effectively.

Sophie Gerkens, Sherry Merkur,, European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies