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CAR National Health Development Plan 2022-2026 - P4H Network

CAR National Health Development Plan 2022-2026

The third-generation National Health Development Plan 2022-2026 (PNDS III) sets itself the challenge of reversing the current high levels of maternal mortality, infant mortality and neonatal mortality, in order to improve the life expectancy of Central Africans.

The total cost of the PNDS for the 2022-2026 period has been estimated at Mille Six Cent Trente Quatre Milliards Six Cent Soixante-Dix-Sept Million Quatre Cent Quatre Vingt et Onze Mille Cent Soixante Sept Francs CFA (1,634,677,491,167 FCFA ) or around 2,972,140,893 USD . This cost includes all the financing needs to be covered for the implementation of priority interventions in order to achieve the objectives set, and represents the total cost of healthcare expenditure to be incurred by public and private healthcare services in order to guarantee quality healthcare for the majority of the population.

The financing mechanisms of the PNDS III will be based essentially on : (i) the public budget (State & Partners) ; (ii) cost recovery with household participation; (iii) the BPF, which covers the equivalent of 40% of the Central African population in the ; (iv) donations.