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Ecuador: Institutional Strategic Plan 2021 - 2025 - P4H Network

Ecuador: Institutional Strategic Plan 2021 – 2025

This plan includes a first chapter with a diagnosis and analysis of the Institution to determine its initial situation. The second chapter presents the guiding elements and sets out the vision, mission, axes and strategic objectives. The third chapter concludes with annual and multi-year planning.

The strategic axes were developed based on the competencies and organizational structure of the Ministry of Public Health (MOH). They cover all the management dimensions carried out by the MSP and are: i) Stewardship of the National Health System, ii) Health Surveillance, Prevention and Control; iii) Promotion, Health, Intercultural and Equality; iv) First Level Comprehensive Care Networks; v) Mobile Health Care, Hospital and Specialized Centers; vi) Health Operations and Logistics Management; vii) System Sustainability and Resources; and viii) System Sustainability and Resources. viii)Administrative Capacity and Human Talent Management.

Institutional strategic objectives for the period 2021-2025:
1) To increase the effectiveness of governance in the National Health System; 2) To increase the quality of surveillance, prevention and health control in the National Health System;
3) To increase health promotion in the population; 4) To increase quality in the provision of health services; 5) To increase the coverage of health services; 6) To increase health research; and 7) To increase institutional efficiency in the Ministry of Public Health.

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