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Estonia: health system summary, 2022 - P4H Network

Estonia: health system summary, 2022


This Health system summary is based on the Estonia: Health System Review published in 2018 in the Health Systems in Transition (‎HiT)‎ series, and is significantly updated, including data, policy developments and relevant reforms as highlighted by the Health Systems and Policies Monitor (‎HSPM)‎ (‎‎. For this edition, key data have been updated to those available in July 2022 unless otherwise stated. Health system summaries use a concise format to communicate central features of country health systems and analyse available evidence on the organization, financing and delivery of health care. They also provide insights into key reforms and the varied challenges testing the performance of the health system.

It is published by the WHO Barcelona Office for Health Systems Financing

Published on 18 May 2023