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Financing Solutions for NCDs and Mental Health - P4H Network

Financing Solutions for NCDs and Mental Health

This policy brief outlines the NCD Alliance’s key priorities for the 2nd Global Dialogue on Sustainable Financing for NCDs and Mental Health (GFD2) organised by the WHO and the World Bank.

The GFD2 aims to incorporate NCDs and mental health responses into national health and financing plans, assess NCDs’ status in development financing, and develop recommendations for the Director-General’s Report on NCDs. The outcomes of the GFD2 will include actionable strategies to ensure adequate budget allocation for NCDs and mental health, as well as policy recommendations for the WHO Director-General’s Progress Report. These inputs will inform the UN Secretary-General’s Political Declaration on NCDs and Mental Health in 2025.

The NCD Alliance identifies five financing mechanisms: domestic resourcing, development financing, philanthropies, the private sector, and innovative mechanisms. Their priorities for the GFD2 focus on scaling up NCD/MH financing across these mechanisms while addressing the growing burden of NCDs/MH and national development priorities. Additionally, they emphasize the importance of enhancing data and accountability and leveraging existing resources strategically.

The brief aims to support health and development advocates in engaging with financial decision-makers to advocate for increased investment in NCDs and mental health. It includes specific advocacy asks within each financing mechanism.