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Health equity in Niger - P4H Network

Health equity in Niger

The study analyzes several aspects of inequality in the healthcare system: health outcomes, healthcare service utilization, financial protection (FP) and benefit incidence analysis (BIA). It uses the EDS/ENAFEME surveys for health (2006, 2012, 2021), and ECVMA/EHCVM (2011, 2018) for FP and AIB.

This document was prepared by Marc-Francois Smitz (consultant and lead author) and Loredana Luisa Horezeanu (consultant) under the overall guidance of HNP’s senior economists and team leaders Laurence Lannes and Patrick Eozenou. This work was financed by the World Bank as part of its technical assistance on health and public finance reforms to improve service delivery in Niger. The authors would like to thank the entire project team and collaborators, in particular Cedric Ndizeye (World Bank health specialist), Blaise Ehowe Nguem (World Bank country economist) and Samia Laokri (senior health economist), for their valuable contributions, discussions and support. The authors would like to thank the Global Financing Facility (GFF) for supervision and review. This work benefited from the excellent editing of Guillaume Musel and Laura MacMahon of Pi COMM.