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Health sector financing in Peru - P4H Network

Health sector financing in Peru

The document includes an analysis of the functioning and restrictions of financing management in Peru, as a basis for the financial coverage of health services, to guarantee effective access for the population and improve their health status.

Total health spending increased in absolute terms in Peru from 30 billion soles (US$ 11,111 million) in 2013 to 43.7 billion soles (US$ 13,083 million) in 2019. Although financing has increased significantly, financial coverage is still limited and the standards suggested by the WHO to achieve universal health coverage, equivalent to 5% or 6% of GDP, are not met. As for out-of-pocket spending, the WHO establishes that it should not exceed a range between 15% and 20% of total health spending. Peru is still below these standards: its public spending on health is 3.2% of GDP and out-of-pocket spending represents 28.2% of total health spending.