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Malawi National Health Accounts Report 2012/2013-2014/2015 - P4H Network

Malawi National Health Accounts Report 2012/2013-2014/2015

This report presents the findings of Malawi’s National Health Accounts (NHA) exercise for the 2012/13, 2013/14, and 2014/15 fiscal years. Malawi has conducted six rounds of NHA since these exercises began in 2001.
This report provides information to enable the Ministry of Health (MoH) to undertake a comprehensive review of the health financing situation during the implementation of the Health Sector Strategic Plan (HSSP) (2011–2016), to inform the development of the HSSP II (2017-2022). In addition, the MoH is refining health sector reforms aimed at strengthening domestic financing and efficiency mechanisms; these NHA results will provide evidence that can be used in the analysis, development, and implementation of these reforms.
The goal of this NHA estimation was to generate important information on financing of health in general, the flow and management of resources in the health sector, and the distribution of expenditures across disease areas. Specifically, the study aimed to do the following:

Quantify total expenditure on health;

Disaggregate total health expenditure by financing source, revenues of financing schemes financing schemes, and financing agent;

Distribute health expenditures by health care providers and disease areas;

Evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of health financing functions in Malawi;

Evaluate equity in allocation of health resources;

Evaluate the sustainability of the health financing system;

Draw policy implications arising from the overall analysis.