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Mozambique National Health Accounts 2015 - P4H Network

Mozambique National Health Accounts 2015

This report provides a summary of Mozambique’s 2015 Health Accounts exercise, which aimed to measure and track total health spending for the country’s residents. The Health Accounts captured valuable information regarding the source of funds, type of provider, goods, and services purchased, and disease/health priority areas. These results are crucial for the Ministry of Health as they offer insights into health financing performance, including sustainability, equity, and efficiency of health spending, ultimately contributing to the country’s progress toward universal health coverage. Some key findings from the report include:

  • External donors financed 55% of current health spending in 2015, a slight decrease from 58% in 2012. Whereas, government financing increased from 24% to 27% during the same period.
  • Approximately half of the current health spending is pooled and managed by the government to provide services to the general population. While one-third of spending is through private financing schemes such as NGOs, households, employers, or insurance schemes.
  • Primary care providers, including those offering outpatient and preventive services, account for over one-third of the current health spending.
  • In terms of expenditure categories, 40% of spending in 2015 was allocated to inpatient and outpatient curative care, while 26% was dedicated to preventive care.


For further insights and details, please refer to the full report linked below.


Photo credit: Josh Appel- Unsplash

22 Jun 2023