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Muskoka study on CSU in Benin - P4H Network

Muskoka study on CSU in Benin

This research aims to help participating countries meet the challenge of building on what already exists to move towards CSU. The aim is to document the extent to which the ‘CSU’ systems of the countries participating in the study meet the criteria of the Learning System model.

In Benin, the questionnaire was administered to 31 CSU players. The initial target of 41 people could not be reached, because the collection had to be made at a time when the presidential election campaign was in full swing. In the light of the results obtained, leadership for learning in Benin scored 4.93, the supportive organizational environment and culture scored 5.06, and the learning process and practice scored 4.9 (each on a scale of 7). The assessment of the overall learning capabilities of the CSU system in Benin gave an average score of 4.95, which is lower than the score of 5 we took as the threshold.