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Namibia health sector Public Expenditure Review - P4H Network

Namibia health sector Public Expenditure Review

This report presents the findings of Namibia’s health sector’s first  Public Expenditure Review (PER). A PER is a comprehensive analysis of public spending over time, assessing its quantity and quality in relation to policy goals and performance indicators. Among Namibia’s health sector objectives is the enhancement of overall well-being by ensuring the availability of affordable and high-quality healthcare services for all. This health PER identifies several areas that require attention from the Namibian government in order to align with its goals, including;

  • Although government health spending is relatively high, significant inefficiencies and inequalities hinder the effectiveness of the health system;
  • Access to healthcare is limited and unevenly distributed, giving rise to concerns about productivity and underutilized capacity;
  • The health workforce is insufficient to meet the growing challenges posed by diseases.


For a detailed analysis, please refer to the full report attached below.


Photo credit: Kevin Dunlap-Unsplash