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Namibia resource tracking for health and HIV/AIDS: 2017/18 - P4H Network

Namibia resource tracking for health and HIV/AIDS: 2017/18

This report presents the outcomes of the 2017/18 resource tracking exercise conducted in Namibia, aiming to estimate healthcare and HIV/AIDS response expenditures. The exercise employed an integrated approach, combining the Health Accounts and the National AIDS Spending Assessment (NASA 2020) methodologies, to achieve a comprehensive and consistent estimation of both health and HIV spending. The data in the report allows for a detailed understanding of where the money comes from, who manages these funds, and what it is ultimately spent on. This type of information is critical to inform various health financing decisions, including future health financing systems for universal health coverage.


For more details on the findings, please refer to the full report linked below.


Photo credit: Amelia Spink- Unsplash

30 Apr 2020