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National Community Health Policy CAR 2020-2030 - P4H Network

National Community Health Policy CAR 2020-2030

The community health policy stems from the presidential impetus for the CSU, where we note a preoccupation with bringing care closer to the population, guided by equity and the concern to spare families from certain expenses linked to distance and delays in care.

The aim of the Community Health Policy is to contribute to the reduction of morbidity, mortality and disability, with the full participation of communities. Specifically, it aims to i) Establish a governance structure conducive to the promotion of community health, ii) Ensure the commitment and participation of all community health stakeholders, iii) Integrate community health interventions into the national process of planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating the implementation of national health policy and the National Health Development Plan, iv) Scaling up community interventions in a sustainable way.

To achieve this, the guidelines are essentially based on integrating community health into the national health system and ensuring its funding and sustainability, with communities playing a key role. This positioning is based on their effective participation and ownership of the health development process in their respective localities, within a multi-sectoral framework, with a view to contributing to the achievement of universal health coverage.