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National health financing strategy for Niger-2023 - P4H Network

National health financing strategy for Niger-2023

The national health financing strategy aims to make Niger a nation where the entire population, without socio-economic distinction, has equitable access to quality health and social services, based on sustainable financing that respects the principles of equity and solidarity, guarantees financial protection for the most vulnerable and ensures full community participation.

Following the development of the new 2022-2026 SSDP, the Ministry of Public Health, Population and Social Affairs (MSP/P/AS), supported by its technical and financial partners (PTF), has decided to revise the National Health Financing Strategy (SNFS) so that it supports the new political and strategic choices aimed at achieving universal health coverage (UHC) by 2030. This health financing strategy should serve as a lever for improving the overall performance of the six pillars1 of the healthcare system, particularly in terms of effectiveness, efficiency, equity and sustainability. To this end, the process adopted for its elaboration was designed to make this SNFS both ambitious and realistic in a participatory approach, involving the main players in the sector.