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National Health Service Delivery Survey RCA-2019 - P4H Network

National Health Service Delivery Survey RCA-2019

The first of its kind in the Central African Republic, this report presents reliable information on the availability of health services, the general operational capacity of services, the availability and operational capacity of specific health services, comprehensive surgical care and state-of-the-art laboratory capacity.

This document will make a positive contribution to monitoring the availability of services and the promptness of the health sector in responding to people’s health problems. The publication of this report will broaden the range of information in the field of research, and strengthen the country’s health system in terms of health service delivery to enable the population to receive quality care. Our wish is that the public and private authorities of the Central African Republic, as well as international organizations and development partners, concerned with evaluating the success of the health system in general and identifying opportunities for improving the well-being of the population in particular, should be able to take advantage of this set of results for the planning, monitoring and evaluation of health programs with a view to improving the health status of the country’s population. It would therefore be desirable to have the necessary financial resources to repeat the SARA/HeRAMS survey every two years, in order to determine the level of change in these various indicators.