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National social protection policy in Niger - P4H Network

National social protection policy in Niger

The Government’s adoption of the National Social Protection Policy reflects its desire and commitment to promote a new form of governance that encourages public authorities to accept and assume full responsibility for providing more extensive social protection coverage for all populations.

Document organization

  • Part 1 of the document presents the definitions, dimensions and analytical framework of social protection;
    Part 2 introduces the national context and provides a summary of the diagnosis of vulnerability and the current state of social protection in Niger;
  • Part 3 deals with the national vision of social protection in Niger, and sets out the fundamental principles that have guided the development of this social protection policy, as well as the basic strategies;
    Part 4 presents the strategic axes, objectives and priority actions;
  • Part 5 deals with the structuring of the policy, presenting the institutional coordination framework and identifying strategies for mobilizing financial resources;
  • Part 6 describes the measures for implementing and supporting the national policy. Part 7 identifies the final provisions for implementing this policy;
  • Part 8, in the appendix, presents the decree setting up the national monitoring committee for the development of national social protection policy.