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Nigeria’s national health insurance scheme (NHIS) strategic plan: 2020-2030 - P4H Network

Nigeria’s national health insurance scheme (NHIS) strategic plan: 2020-2030

Considerable efforts aimed at strengthening the health system to ensure delivery of effective, affordable and efficient services at all levels without financial hardship and achieve better health outcomes have been implemented over the years. To advance this goal, the NHIS was established as a corporate body in 1999 and became operational in 2005 and since then has remained functional, striving to meet its mandate. The mandate of the NHIS is to provide social health insurance to Nigerians, ensure equal access to qualitative and affordable healthcare; regulate and manage all stakeholders of the Scheme including providers of private health insurance. However, only 10% of the Nigerian population is   covered by the NHIS leaving the most vulnerable population exposed to catastrophic healthcare expenditure. This strategic plan was developed  to provide guidance in revitalization and expansion  of health insurance in Nigeria. The document will guide policy formulation, utilization, and health insurance implementation in Nigeria.
The full document can be downloaded using the link below