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P4H Annual Review 2020-2021 - P4H Network

P4H Annual Review 2020-2021

The COVID-19 pandemic created a profound health and social crisis but has also triggered an unprecedented multilateral response, bringing together political leadership and financial resources at the global level. While we need to fight back against COVID-19 and increase our efforts now, we must also mitigate the risks of deprioritizing other national and global health priorities and maintain essential health services for all including, especially the most vulnerable. In this context, our riposte must aim to enhance national health systems to cope with overwhelming pressures that require highly flexible financing strategies at both the national and international levels.

P4H’s long experience, its transnational and cross-cutting expertise, its ability to bring the main stakeholders to the table, and its strong national and regional anchorage has given P4H a prime position to support health financing reforms.