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Proposed Technical Assistance on Health Financing in Malawi - P4H Network

Proposed Technical Assistance on Health Financing in Malawi

The report summarizes a scoping mission undertaken by the World Bank regarding proposed technical assistance on health financing in Malawi. The mission aimed to understand the Malawian government’s request for support in health financing and to establish a process for joint assistance. The report outlines the context of health system reforms in Malawi, including the introduction of a national health insurance scheme, review of public-private partnerships, the establishment of a Health Fund, and other reforms. It highlights discussions between the mission team, government officials, and partner organizations, focusing on existing studies and the need for assistance in reviewing evidence, identifying viable options, and strengthening capacity for reform implementation. The report concludes with agreed next steps, including document review, advocacy, assistance in implementation planning, and coordination among partner organizations.

The World Bank, Proposed Technical Assistance on Health Financing in Malawi: Scoping Mission
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