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Quality of maternal and newborn care in Niger - P4H Network

Quality of maternal and newborn care in Niger

In Niger, improving the supply, quality and demand for healthcare services is the second strategic focus of the 2017-2021 Health Development Plan.

The purpose of this document is to inform users in general, and authorities in particular, in order to help them make informed decisions in the healthcare field. It presents the evolution of the main indicators of health care quality in Niger, including availability, access, utilization, capacity, adjusted coverage, health personnel and, finally, barriers to access to health care.

The overall aim of this study is to contribute to the improvement of maternal and newborn health. The methodology involved exploiting several sources of data and information, namely: the MSP/P/AS DHIS2 database, the ENISED 2015 report and database, the ENAFEME 2021 report and databases, the PDS 2017-2021 document, SARA survey reports and MSP/P/AS statistical yearbooks.