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Regulation note UGP_P4H 2023 - P4H Network

Regulation note UGP_P4H 2023

Despite the efforts made and improvements achieved over the last few decades, most of Niger’s health and social indicators are still well below the expected public health targets, and progress is slow.

The MSP/P/AS is committed, through the reforms it is implementing within the framework of the PDSS 2022-2026, to demonstrating that public spending on health is not a cost but an investment, and that the resources committed are used efficiently. In the medium term, these efforts should lead to greater mobilization of funding by the State and its TFPs. In the shorter term, this strategy should contribute to making ever more efficient use of the resources already available.

Jean François Caremel, FIN04.Note_Régulation_UGP_PF-P4H_2023