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Self-employment as a socio-economic problem in Kazakhstan - P4H Network

Self-employment as a socio-economic problem in Kazakhstan

The analysis showed that in the structure of the group of self-employed in Kazakhstan by type of activity, the agricultural sector dominates – 33.3%. Most of the self-employed are also concentrated in distribution services (trade 32.1%, transport and warehousing 10.4%) and construction 7.7%.

The scale of the self-employed in the economies of OECD countries is 6.3-19.0% [2]. In Kazakhstan, the share of self-employed people is 23.4% and decreased by 9.9 percentage points over the period from 2010 to 2020. [3]. Can these trends be determined as positive, reports ERI expert Dina BEKTLEEVA, who examined the structure of the self-employed by type of economic activity.