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Senegal: National health financing strategy 2017 - P4H Network

Senegal: National health financing strategy 2017

The national health financing strategy is based on a vision of a Senegal where all populations have access to quality health services on the basis of sustainable financing that respects the principles of equity and solidarity.

The strategy comprises four strategic orientations. These include :

  1. Effective improvement in the availability of quality health services;
  2. Extending protection against the financial risk of illness;
  3. Strengthening multi-sectoral interventions with a high impact on health ;
  4. Increased mobilization of financial resources to move towards CSU.

To ensure the successful implementation of the SNFS, an institutional steering, monitoring and evaluation system has been set up. It comprises a steering committee chaired by the Prime Minister, a unit responsible for monitoring the implementation of programs and activities, and a monitoring and evaluation system.