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Structure and operation of the Chilean health system 2019 - P4H Network

Structure and operation of the Chilean health system 2019

The document initially includes different definitions of health systems, equity and access to health services, universal health coverage, among others. The Chilean health system is segmented and consists of a mixed system of financing, insurance and service provision. The public sector insures 78% of the population, the private sector covers 14.4% and the Armed Forces and the Armed Forces cover the remaining 3%.

In 2017, total healthcare spending accounted for 8.1% of Gross Domestic Product. The health sector is financed mainly by general taxes levied by the State and mandatory contributions from workers, equivalent to 7% of their salaries. Both sources finance 60.8% of health spending, while out-of-pocket spending financed 32.6% of such spending. Finally, there are the companies’ contributions for occupational accident and occupational disease insurance.