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The roadmap to sustainable finance in health - P4H Network

The roadmap to sustainable finance in health

The report was launched at the Health 20 Summit organised by the G20 and G7 Health for Development Partnership on 22 June 2023. The Report aims to serve “A Toolkit for G20 & G7 Countries and Develop a Taxonomy for Health.”

This paper identifies the trend that health is increasingly linked to the economic growth narrative within the G20 & G7 and provides a rationale for why and how governments and global health organisations must transform and rethink their future econometrics in health.
This paper:

  1. Assesses the need for a set of standard metrics in G20+ countries to measure their health investments and its social impact to make future smart investments and better assess socioeconomic risk, return, and impact.
  2. Takes stock of the current challenges for global health organisations and G20+ countries in terms of increasing their fiscal space and attracting sustainable finance initiatives to scale up investments in
  3. Analyses existing sustainable finance models (31 examples displayed in a toolkit) from the health, education, and climate change sectors, to demonstrate that certain financing models can be replicated in other country contexts.
  4. Makes recommendations as to how G20+ countries can promote the use of sustainable finance initiatives and bridge the disconnect between the health and investor community.

These findings add to the current political conversations on the rethinking of the entire global health financing architecture and can support models that aim to increase fiscal space for countries via long-term/ conditional debt mechanisms, impact and blended finance initiatives where some of the intended outcomes could be measured.