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The second Health Sector Transformation Plan (HSTP-II) - P4H Network

The second Health Sector Transformation Plan (HSTP-II)

This is the second Health Sector Transformation Plan (HSTP-II) covering the period between Ethiopian fiscal years 2013 and 2017 (July 2020–June 2025). HSTP-II was developed as the first part of a 10-year health sector plan. It was prepared based on an in-depth situational analysis and performance evaluation of HSTP-I; it takes into consideration the country’s global commitments and aligns with its overall macro-economic development framework.
HSTP-II will be cascaded to all levels of the health system, and will be translated into annual operational plans using the woreda-based health sector annual plan. Its implementation will be regularly monitored using the agreed monitoring framework in a coordinated manner.