Health financing progress matrix (HFPM) validation workshop

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The Ministry of Health with the support of WHO and other partners is conducting a Health Financing Progress Matrix validation workshop.

The purpose of the workshop is to validate and update the preliminary results from an assessment of Ethiopia's health financing system conducted using the HFPM.

The HFPM, developed by WHO’s Department of Health Systems Governance & Financing, assesses country health financing systems against a set of evidence-based benchmarks, framed as nineteen desirable attributes. Each attribute represents one critical element of a health financing system and signals the direction in which institutions, policy and implementation need to develop in order to make progress towards universal health care (UHC).

Representatives from the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Finance, the Healthcare Financing Technical Working Group, and the Health Insurance Agency (HIA) are expected to participate in the workshop.

For more information about the HFPM, click here.


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