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Performance validation workshop report CMU Senegal 2017

The workshop on CMU held on March 1 and 2 in Senegal had the following objectives: The general objective was to plan activities for 2018 after evaluating performance in 2017. More specifically, through a meeting with all the players involved in implementing the CMU,...

Document sharing: CMU performance in Senegal
Document sharing: CMU performance in Senegal

A workshop to validate the CMU Agency's 2017 performance and 2018 AWP was held in MBOUR on March 1 and 2, 2018. The activity report shared here summarizes the discussions, analyses and recommendations. A presentation also attached details the level of indicators...

MALAWI: WHO Factsheet of Health Statistics

This profile by the African Health Observatory provides a good overview of the key facts and figures describing the health situation in Malawi.

Concept Note: Health Financing and Protection Network-Asia Pacific

The concept note discusses regional networking opportunities in the Asia and Pacific region complementary to regional partnership work in the area of health financing and social health protection for UHC. The main objective is to support and coordinate regional...

Revisiting P4HC+ modus operandi 2017

This document outlines the reviews made by partners on the P4HC+ modus operandi (April 2016) during the regular meeting on 22 November 2017.  

P4HC+ Modus Operandi (November 2017)

The Modus Operandi outlines the specific objectives of P4HC+, working methods, when to use the label P4H, communication and meeting schedules. This version of modus operandi was updated during the P4HC+ meeting on 22nd November 2017.