2022 Global Health Expenditure Database

While presenting the 2022 Global Health Expenditure Report, the World Health Organization (WHO) announces the formal release of  flagship products related to global health expenditure data and statistics.

1) 2022 Global Health Expenditure Database (GHED) Update

WHO has updated health expenditure data for more than 190 WHO Member States, covering 2000-2020. In addition to health expenditure information by revenue source, health financing schemes, health function, disease, and age, WHO is also publishing Covid-19 expenditure data for 46 countries for 2020, the first year of the Covid-19 pandemic. Also available on GHED are preliminary health expenditure data by revenue source, health financing scheme, health function, and on Covid-19 activities for 2021 for selected countries. View the data 

2) 2022 Global Health Expenditure Report: Rising to the Pandemic's Challenges

The 2022 Global Health Expenditure Report focuses on health spending in 2020, a year dominated by the emergence of COVID-19 and its associated health and economic crises. Accordingly, in addition to examining the level and composition of health spending in 2020, the report specifically focuses on the way that health systems responded during the first year of the pandemic. Read the report 

3) Health Expenditure Visualizations

To accompany the data update and the global health expenditure report, Country Profiles have been published. The visualization dashboard allows one to filter by country and investigate a country's key statistics, revenue sources of health expenditure, government expenditure, prioritization, OOP and spending on each type of service. To view the interactive visualization, please visit: https://apps.who.int/nha/database/country_profile/Index/en4) Other Technical Documents Finally, complimentary documents, including methodology, technical notes, general country information, global, regional, and country health expenditure reports, and supplementary data can be found on the GHED documentation center


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