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2023 Thai UHC Journey Workshop : Social Participation in Health Decision-Making - P4H Network

2023 Thai UHC Journey Workshop : Social Participation in Health Decision-Making

November 27- December 1,2023 | 9.00-16.00 hrs | Bangkok, Thailand. 

Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health (MOPH), National Health Security Office (NHSO), Thai Health Promotion Foundation (ThaiHealth), National Health Commission Office, Thailand (NHCO) and the International Health Policy Program (IHPP) in collaboration with the Enhancing Leadership on Global Health-Thailand Programme under the WHO Country Cooperation Strategy (CCS-EnLIGHT) will organize the international workshop  on 2023 Thai UHC Journey Workshop under the theme Social Participation in Health Decision-Making.

The principle of social participation was endorsed in multiple intergovernmental commitments at regional and global levels including SDG target 16.7, the Astana Declaration on Primary Health Care in 2018 and the Political Declaration of the UN High Level Meeting on UHC in 2019. At the WHO regional level, this includes South East Asia Regional Committee (RC) resolution SEA/RC75/C, the Eastern Mediterranean RC resolution on resilience (2022), and the Pan-American RC resolution CD59.R12 on resilience (2021). However, an implementation, especially participation in decision making level are challenges and requires more experience sharing and capacity building.

The workshop aims at building capacity of countries to understand and realize importance of social participation in health decision making. Furthermore, the workshop expects the participants can apply the knowledge gained to make real actions based on their country contexts.

The workshop covers 5 elements to institutionalise Social Participation;

1.Regular participatory platforms at all levels

2.Capacity Building

3.Financial Resource

4.Laws and regulation

5.Monitoring & Using Data

Applications are now open 

Apply Here before the 30th of September 2023.