5th ANNUAL HEALTH FINANCING FORUM: Health Financing Resilience | July 7-23, 2020

You can find here detailed information on the Annual Health Financing Forum(AHFF) & the Community of Practice COVID-19 Health Financing Resiliency Program (HFRP).

The Forum will take place virtually for the first time since the series began in 2016. This year, the AHFF is part of the COVID-19 Health Financing Resilience Program (COVID-19 HFRP).

The Forum provides a platform to advance sharing of the latest scientific knowledge and country experiences in developing and implementing health financing policy, and to stimulate dialogue between practitioners and academics.

Taking place in two parts throughout 2020, the theme of this year’s AHFF is Health Financing Resilience and Sustainability. Kicking off in July, the first part of the Forum will explore key issues of health financing resilience in the face of COVID-19. The second part, tentatively scheduled for November 2020, will focus on health financing sustainability and understanding how to identify the most vulnerable countries and best assist them during and after the COVID-19 crisis. This year the AHFF will also launch the Adam Wagstaff Memorial Lecture on Health Economics, a session that will become a permanent feature of the Forum.


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