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Labor-Tax-Financed Social Health Insurance: a wrong track for LMICs? A forthcoming webinar.

In low- and low-middle-income countries, there is an increasing interest in initiating and expanding social health insurance through labor taxes. Yet, this vision goes against available empirical evidence. This session will build on recent recommendatons by leading health financing experts against labor-tax financing of health care in LMICs. The audience will be invited to challenge them. Together, we will explore alternative approaches to health financing.

This WHO webinar is organized in partnership with P4H and Emerging Voices. It is based on a paper recently published by Abdo Yazbeck et al. in Health Affairs.

This session will be the first of a new WHO webinar series focused on health financing and governance. It will be introduced by Agnes Soucat and concluded by Joe Kutzin. The main presenter will be Abdo Yazbeck.

September 24, 2020, 1-3 pm Geneva, 7-9 am DC, 6-8 pm Phnom Penh


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