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Accessible and affordable COVID-19 self-test kits in Thailand - P4H Network

Accessible and affordable COVID-19 self-test kits in Thailand

To ensure affordable and accessibility of the COVID-19 testing, the National Health Security Office (NHSO) board has decided to introduce an option by which health units can purchase the self-test kits and claim the cost from the NHSO. They can request 55 baht per unit of self-test kits. Thus, health units are encouraged to purchase test kits under the government’s innovation list,” which include innovative goods and services demanded by Thai people or organizations in their development. 

To get the self-test kits, an individual must fill out a risk assessment form on PaoTang mobile application or at health units, clinics, or pharmacies partnering with the NHSO. Self-test kits will be given if the assessment finds the person at risk of Covid-19.

In addition, the Government Pharmaceutical Organization has manufactured self-test kits and sold them at an affordable price. One unit is priced around 35 baht which is four times lower than the imported test kit.

For more information, read the full news article originally published in National Health Security Office.

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Photo by Memorystockphoto