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Short description
ADePT is a software package developed by the World Bank that generates standardized tables and charts summarizing the results of distributional analyses of household survey data (Household Budget Surveys, Demographic and Health Surveys and Labour Force surveys).
The current version of Adept contains modules for analysis of: poverty, labour, gender, social protection, education, inequality, health, food security.

The purpose of this tool is to help users to analyse inequalities in health, health care utilization, and health subsidies, by income.

Methodology and type of data required
ADePT supports datasets in Stata, SPSS, and tab-delimited text formats. For each run, ADePT produces one output file (containing the user’s selection of tables and graphs), an optional original data summary, and errors and notifications (in Microsoft Excel format). Optionally, tables of standard errors and frequencies can be added to a report.

Users/Target audience
Policy makers

World Bank

Emil Gunawan – (just for training?)


health inequalities analysis tool, health care utilization analysis tool



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