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Azerbaijan's digitalization in health care is part of the new digital economy - P4H Network

Azerbaijan’s digitalization in health care is part of the new digital economy

Azerbaijan is developing a digital health strategy, Health Minister Teymur Musayev said in April.

According to him, one of the pillars of this important development process is the digital healthcare reform. Musaev noted that the digital healthcare system is very important in modern conditions as part of the key digital economy.

In addition to saving healthc care costs from the ability to monitor, analyze data on volumes of care provided and optimizing resource allocation, digitalization in healtlh care gives many other competitive advantages to ahealth system, such as operational efficiency, ability to streamline processes and ensure continuity of care, to improve quality of care and patient safety through data analysis and improvement. These are among reasons why countries pursue digitalization.

“In the old health paradigm, health care delivery was at the center, and the medical facility and equipment were behind it. With the pandemic, a new paradigm has come to the forefront, and we have had to rethink our approach. Now the person is at the center, and the health system is built around the person,” the minister said.

Musaev noted that digital healthcare tools to be implemented are electronic prescriptions and an electronic appointment scheduling with doctors. “Digital health strategy requires a multimodal approach” – summarized the Minister of Health of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Source and photo credit: Sputniknews