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Belarus hosted an inter-country meeting to launch CIS telemedicine program - P4H Network

Belarus hosted an inter-country meeting to launch CIS telemedicine program

Capital of Belarus, Minsk hosted a meeting of the Working Group on the integration of national e-health systems of CIS Member States.

Agenda was centered around the development of a Roadmap for telemedicine in the CIS.

While welcoming the participants of the event, Deputy Minister of Health of Belarus Dmitry Cherednichenko noted that “the world is changing every day: if the past two centuries have become a stage of rapid industrial development, then the 21st century is the heyday of information technologies. Focus on the creation and development of digital health care is an integral part of the digital transformation of the economy of all states of the Commonwealth without exception.

It was noted at the meeting that today all the CIS Member States are actively introducing ICT in healthcare. This, in turn, contributes to improving the quality and availability of medical care.

The meeting participants discussed the Roadmap for the development of telemedicine cross-border interaction across CIS member states. The document was prepared by the Republic of Belarus.

Experts suggest that an automated cross-border telemedicine consultation system can be put into permanent operation in 2023. Before that, it is necessary to develop a business process for cross-border telemedicine consultation system in accordance with national legislation, to agree on data protection requirements, to determine a list of diseases, medical documents and their content for conducting cross-border telemedicine consultations, and to train medical and technical personnel to ensure cross-border telemedicine consultations.