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BPJS Kesehatan's role in response to COVID-19 pandemic in Indonesia - P4H Network

BPJS Kesehatan’s role in response to COVID-19 pandemic in Indonesia

BPJS Kesehatan is a social security agency which manages the JKN – National Health Insurance of Indonesia. During the pandemic, BPJS Kesehatan is responsible for verifying COVID-19 claims for all Indonesian people. There were 2.3 million of COVID-19 treatment claims from 2,100 hospitals, as of December 23, 2021. These claims will be paid by the Ministry of Health. 

In addition, BPJS Kesehatan has developed the P-Care Vaksinasi application to record the COVID-19 vaccination, including registration and screening. BPJS Kesehatan and the Ministry of Home Affairs collaborated in scaling up COVID-19 vaccinations, preparing quarantine facilities for those with COVID-19 positive, and increasing the number of verification for COVID-19 treatment claims.

For more information, read the full news article originally published in Antaranews.

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Picture by Piotrekswat